Twitter is now cancelling K-pop stans

Twitter is now cancelling K-pop stans

May 14, 2020 Off By syncdev
  • Twitter is now trying to cancel K-pop stans as #kpopstansareoverparty goes Trending on Twitter.
  • Users from Twitter are getting annoyed at how K-pop stans trying to spam pictures and fancams of their favorite group everywhere.

With the recent events in Twitter where Kpop stans were trying to cancel Joji, in a sudden turn of events. Twitter is now trying to cancel Kpop stans in general as #kpopstansareoverparty goes trending on Twitter.


Last year Kpop stans also tried to cancel YouTuber H3H3 by getting #h3h3isoverparty. Ethan of H3H3, in is usual fashion, just memed it in his podcast.

They also tried to cancel Ariana Grande last year. Now the tables have turned as Twitter users are trying to cancel K-pop stans.

K-pop fans overpromoting their favorite groups

Apparently Twitter got so annoyed at Kpop stans trying to promote their favorite group by spamming pictures and fancams on various threads that does not even relate to Kpop.

Some even promoted their group in threads that was about the death of person. Although some argue they are trolls.

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