Suzzysaur joins Ardent Esports as their top laner

Suzzysaur joins Ardent Esports as their top laner

September 13, 2019 Off By syncdev

Rumble Royale talent, host, content creator and lovable dino streamer Suzzysaur officially joins Ardent Esports completing their roster.

Suzzysaur will be the team’s top laner. Despite being new to the team, Suzzysaur has already played with some of the members of Ardent Esports and competed with them.

Team Ardent Esports also teased their new sponsors which will be Logitech and Rumble Royale along with MSI Gaming and Wargods Pro Gaming Arena.

It's Official Suzzysaur will be the last member to complete Ardent Esports official Roster and Top Lanerplus two new sponsors to be announced soon!

Posted by Ardent Esports on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ardent Esports was the First runner up for FSL Philippine Qualifiers 2019 while GGTY now renamed as Liyab Esports won 1st place. Liyab Esports was Philippines’ representative in the FSL League of Legends Elite 2019 but failed to win the tournament.

Many have questioned the disappearance of Alexa Asahina from the team. The team members have answered this saying that Alexa has been busy. She is also lately been streaming Tekken.

Ardent Esport’s current roster:

  • Cha
  • Aisah
  • Jhanelle
  • Lois
  • Suzzysaur
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