Predator Gaming drops ZENPro as streaming partner

Predator Gaming drops ZENPro as streaming partner

May 23, 2020 Off By GamePOW
  • ZENPro has been criticized due to wanting to pay only 200 pesos to his editors.
  • Predator Gaming has decided to drop ZENPro as one of their streaming partners because of this.

ZENPro has recently been criticized because of him wanting to pay his editor for only Php 200. This has gotten flak because people have been commenting that 200 pesos is too low for such a video editing task.

What started out in the gaming community however soon also spread in the graphic design community with people getting irate of ZENPro’s rates.

ZENPro realized the flak he was getting and has responded to them initially on his stream.

His defense is that the reason he’s only paying 200 pesos is because he only requires the editor to trim his highlights from his VOD. He claims that he himself finishes the edit in 30 mins.

After awhile, he apologized for his actions but his apology letter was also criticized. People claim that it was not him who wrote this because he does not speak like this. People claim that a PR team possibly wrote it. After being criticized, the apology post has been deleted however it was already saved by a lot of people.

zenpro apology
ZENPro apology

Predator Gaming Philippines in response to ZENPro’s actions

Predator Gaming Philippines also noticed the ZENPro’s actions and has released an announcement saying that they are dropping ZENPro from their roster of streaming partners.

They also stated that they are with the talented creatives who fight for fair settlements and everyone deserves to be paid fairly.

They also acknowledged the current situation in the country as COVID-19 has disturbed the country’s economic status.

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