Minecraft YouTuber Dream Announces that he will do a Face Reveal

Minecraft YouTuber Dream Announces that he will do a Face Reveal

September 24, 2022 Off By GamePOW
  • Dream has announced on his Twitter that “The mask is coming off” meaning he will finally do a face reveal after years of hiding his face.
  • He intends to have his face reveal at a meet and greet in Florida for his friends, fans and other creators.
  • His friends and other content creators has applauded him and are excited for his face reveal.
  • His fans as well have been meaning to see his face.

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has announced on his Twitter that his mask his coming off and that he will see everyone very soon.

Dream skyrocketed to fame in the pandemic acquiring millions of subscribers in just a year with his Minecraft videos. Specifically, his Minecraft Manhunt series where his friends try to hunt him down before Dream kills the Enderdragon which is the final boss of Minecraft located at The End.

The usual suspects trying to hunt Dream down are his friends GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap and Badboyhalo. Sometimes they would have guests in the video but it’s usually these three who are hunting dream down trying to stop him.

Unlike his other friends who has shown their face, Dream has yet to reveal his face to his community.

However, on September 23, 2022, Dream announced on his Twitter that the mask is coming off.

He then also announced on his alt twitter that he will have a meet in greet in San Diego to meet his friends, fans and other creators.

He also had a community post regarding his next upload wherein it will be his face reveal and that George is also moving to Florida to join the Dream Team.

After which, they will again start uploading Minecraft again and a possible Minecraft Manhunt in real life as well.

A few friends of Dream also was supportive for his reveal like Karl from MrBeast’s team.

Of course, MrBeast who frequently invites Dream to his Minecraft challenges also reacted with MrBeast inviting Dream to go to North Carolina where MrBeast and his crew stays.

Sapnap who is part of the Minecraft Manhunt also encouraged Dream to remove the mask.

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