Dream Face Reveal Drew Mixed Reactions From The Internet

Dream Face Reveal Drew Mixed Reactions From The Internet

October 3, 2022 Off By GamePOW
  • Dream finally did a face reveal on Youtube and he drew mixed reactions from the internet.
  • Some were supportive of Dream’s face reveal while others posted memes about it.
  • Dream also did a face reveal to fellow creators before he finally showed his face to the world.

Minecraft sensation Dream finally did a face reveal on his Youtube and the internet went haywire.

Dream has recently teased that he was going to do a face reveal very soon.

After his announcement, he has been spending the last few days face revealing to his friends and fellow content creators privately to get himself hyped for the big reveal on his Youtube where he would finally publicly reveal to everyone what he looked like.

This has been a long time coming and all of his creators are supportive of Dream. Most of them posted their reaction videos of facetiming Dream and showing himself to them.

Content Creators react to Dream Face Reveal

Some of them were hilarious and have varying reactions.

Karl from MrBeast was the first to see Dream for the first time.

And then a few others started tweeting their experience in seeing Dream for the first time.
And a few more.

More Content with the Dream Team

The reason for his face reveal was that GeorgeNotFound who is Dream’s bestfriend is finally moving to the US to come live with Dream and Sapnap who already live together. They plan to make more content and not just Minecraft content but also IRL content where Dream will finally also show his face.

Dream says he has a lot of plans in the future and plans to meet more creators.

The rest of the Internet Reacts to Dream

After Dream’s face reveal, he instantly went trending on Twitter.

And the internet has mixed reactions.

Shane Dawson also suddenly went trending on Twitter as people claim Dream looks like both Matpat and Shane Dawson.

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