IShowSpeed Gets YouTube Strike for Harassment and Cyberbullying

IShowSpeed Gets YouTube Strike for Harassment and Cyberbullying

September 23, 2022 Off By GamePOW
  • IShowSpeed gets another strike on Youtube for harassment and cyberbullying.
  • Speed has addressed YouTube on Twitter regarding the matter but YouTube hasn’t replied.

Controversial streamer and Youtuber IShowspeed has been hit with a strike again by YouTube for harassments and cyberbullying.

This is his second strike which means another strike would have him banned from the platform. He is however also currently banned but only for 14 days.

IShowSpeed is known for his loud streams where he yells and even barks at people. He has been criticized a lot by the community for his toxic attitude on his streams and on his games that even Riot Games has banned him from VALORANT for his actions.

Speed has tweeted at YouTube regarding the matter. However, they still have not replied.

Jake Lucky has claimed that many people believed that the reason for Speed’s strike was this video of him arguing with another person on interactive website called OmeTV where it pairs you with a random person much like Omegle. The two can be seen calling each other names and Speed is heard for fat shaming the other person.

He even called Speed as a “speed wannabe” not realizing that he was actually talking to the real IShowSpeed.

Speed took to YouTube and announced that he got a strike for “harassment and cyber bullying” and that his appeal was rejected.

YouTube also has a rule regarding “sharing personal information, or content that includes egregious insults based on personal attributes (such as protected group status or physical traits). In the video Speed can be heard fat shaming the individual numerous times.

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