Ricardo Milos Posts a Public Statement Regarding his Personal Status and his Memes

Ricardo Milos Posts a Public Statement Regarding his Personal Status and his Memes

April 14, 2019 Off By JJ

There is no doubt that Brazilian Male model Ricardo Milos has become one of the more popular persons in the internet given his recent resurgence as a meme during mid to late 2018, with his images from his dance video being used on pictures as well as videos in various purposes, usually in bait-and-switch videos to catch people off-guard. In short, Ricardo Milos currently is one of the more popular memes in this day and age.

One of the questions that was asked often in many message boards and other online communities asides was his status. There were many rumors or speculations circulating online that Ricardo Milos is dead, which has been so widespread that him being dead often appears as one of google’s predictive searches

“Ricardo Milos death” and “Ricardo Milos dead” often appears in google’s predicted searches

On April 9, 2019, Ricardo Milos posted an update on his yahoo group

Ricardo Milos’ official public statement regarding his life status and the memes about him

Some users have even sent Private emails or messages to Ricardo himself regarding all the rumors circulating about him being dead

A user has decided to sent a private message to Ricardo regarding all of the rumors about his death and his popularity as a meme.

As seen in the pictures and on his statement, he is alive and currently taking care of his 13 year old son. His message and replies seem to indicate that he is not pleased with him being the meme. He states that the memes did not help him in any way and he might take legal action against all those individuals who keep sending him those memes. He also states that everyone who has made those videos using footage from his dance video are essentially using them without his permission.

While Ricardo Milos may have already answered all questions and speculations regarding his life and his status, he raises even more questions regarding all of the videos and memes that have been created due to his notoriety.

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