PUBG Mobile celebrates 20 million daily active users in 6 months

September 15, 2018 Off By syncdev

We’ve all seen the hype around PUBG and the hype around Battle Royale games in general. And we’ve also seen how game developers have been riding this hype train in the quest to be the best BR game out there. Given the fact that PUBG already made a name for itself, it was only a matter of time that PUBG Mobile manages to garner 20 million daily active users.

New Map

To celebrate, Bluehole is also giving players an update along with a new map called Sanhok. Sanhok is a tropical rain forest map and with it comes new weapons (Flare Gun, QBZ, Muscle Car and Bulletproof UAZ) as well as a new season page which shows all your data. Sanhok which was previously called Savage is a 4×4 map. It is much smaller than other maps but it does offer a brand new experience for PUBG players.

Cheaters beware

Bluehole is also improving the way the game deals with cheaters by adding a new report button when players are in spectator mode, the results screen and even on the basic information screens. According to BattlEye, they have said in February that they have banned at least 1 million players the previous month.

As of right now Fortnite is the reigning king of PC and console BR games dethroning PUBG. However, that hasn’t stopped PUBG’s developers. PUBG is still one of the biggest BR games out there and it’s mobile version is one of the most popular reaching 20 million active players in only the short span of 6 months. Considering the continuous growing hype around BR games it is not much surprising but it is still quite a feat indeed.

The beta version of PUBG mobile was just released early this year on the Google Play Store and since then it garnered 100 million global downloads.

However it’s competitor Fortnite has also seen massive commercial success to the point that it has even penetrated the mainstream media. And much like PUBG, Fortnite also released its own mobile version but Fortnite has crossplay features with consoles and PC players.

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