Pewdiepie Explains Why He Removed Subtitles on His Videos

Pewdiepie Explains Why He Removed Subtitles on His Videos

August 28, 2019 Off By syncdev

Biggest YouTuber in the world Felix ‘Pewdiepie‘ Kjellberg has recently explained in his recent video as to why he has removed subtitles.

In the video he briefly explains that the removal of the highly requested feature was because of trolls, spammers and people who promote their channel.

He discusses subtitles at 8:40

In the video he exclaims that he is so happy because of the amount of things going on in the past few days. He hit 100 million YouTube subscribers (the first and only YouTuber to do so), married his long-time girlfriend and former YouTuber Marzia and also as he jokingly says the “most important one” is getting 2 million subscribers on his subreddit where he gets his LWIAY content from. Pewdiepie reacts through the submissions from his fans and puts the best on his videos in his LWIAY videos.

On one of the submissions posted was a comment about his subtitles.

The “happy marzia noises :)” is obviously manually added by one of his fans. Although Pewdiepie was quick to deflate the wholesome situation when he explained that he had to disable his subtitles. He adds that this is due to YouTubers abusing the feature by promoting their own channels on the subtitles.

“Unfortunately, I had to turn off subtitles, because people keep promoting their own damn channels, it’s so annoying. Sorry if you rely on subtitles, I hope we can get it back soon.”

Pewdiepie’s comments on his subtitles

YouTube allows all users to add translation to the subtitles of YouTube videos. Users are free to fill in parts of the subtitle or add an entire translation for the whole video. This collective effort helps to make the translation a lot more accurate and precise instead of relying on the automatic captioning.

And with a massive subscriber count such as Pewdiepie with millions of views per video, it is unsurprising as to why other users would exploit this feature.

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