League Of Legends Teases New Champion K’Sante

October 14, 2022 Off By GamePOW
  • K’Sante has been teased by League of Legends in their newest trailer.
  • In the short teaser video, it shows K’Sante talking about his home, Nazumah.

League of Legends just released their trailer for their newest champion K’Sante, The pride of Nazumah.

He was also teased earlier this year in the Champion Roadmap: April 2022.

K’Sante is the newest tank bruiser top lane that will be coming to the rift according to Riot Games.

“Another Dawn brings a new day. To continue the hunt. My ancestors built Nazumah away from the ascended and other would-be rulers. But monsters come in all shapes and sizes. I, K’sante stand between them and my people… to the end.”


K’Sante talks about his home Nazumah, a city in Shurima that was built away from the ascended and other would-be leaders. Nazumah is still unknown to League of Legends fans as its lore has been unexplored but with K’Sante, hopefully more will be revealed.

Lil Nas X along with Riot Games will also be producing a K’Sante prestige skin, Prestige Empyrean K’Sante for Worlds 2022. It will be released on November 3 and will be available until November 14. The skin will cost 2,000 Worlds 2022 tokens.

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