Fedmyster from Offline TV got catfished by an egirl

Fedmyster from Offline TV got catfished by an egirl

April 12, 2020 Off By GamePOW
  • Fedmyster lost a bet and had to hire an egirl to play with him.
  • He hired Yuna, one of the top “egirls” of Egirl.gg.
  • Fed and Yuna hit it off and made great content together with Fed’s fans even shipping the two.
  • Fed found out through a friend that Yuna wasn’t the one actually playing with Fed but Yuna’s boyfriend who was a high ranked League of Legends player.
  • It is Yuna however who was talking directly to Fed but was not the one playing.

Fedmyster or more known as Fed, lost a bet in the marbles game he was playing so he hired an egirl from egirl.gg. Egirl.gg is a website where you can hire gamers to play games with you. The website itself is mostly composed of girls, hence the name. However, there are guys as well. Fellow Offline TV member, Disguised Toast managed to climb the ranks and become number one in the site.

With Disguised Toast being the top, Yuna became second. Fedmyster hired her to play with him and the two hit it off. Not only did the two had chemistry but Yuna was also really good at League of Legends. She played at a grandmaster level which impressed Fed.

They even played Minecraft together and Fed’s chat loved the content they created with them answering each other’s banter. Eventually, everyone started shipping the two.

Chat liked their chemistry so much that Fed’s donations urged him to move the relationship forward despite knowing her for only a few days.

Things got even worse as Metaphor, a high ranked League player, messaged Fed. Metaphor is a good friend of Fed as well as high ranked League player who happened to know the people in the grandmaster community in League of Legends. Metaphor did some research and told Fed everything.

It was revealed that despite it was indeed Yuna talking to Fed, it was her boyfriend who was actually playing with him.

Yuna’s boyfriend talked about how he didn’t like Yuna talking to Fed on his stream and he also said he wanted to stop playing with Fed. Yuna also streamed and told her side of the story. However, the two still broke up.

Yuna has made an apology stating that she signed up to the website as a joke. She continued by saying that she did wanted to tell Fed the truth but was scared.

Fed seemed to be okay now with him just playing the whole thing as a joke to his viewers in this clip.

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