‘DOTA o Ako’ finally now has a sequel after 10 years

‘DOTA o Ako’ finally now has a sequel after 10 years

March 28, 2021 Off By JJ
  • After 10 years, one of Philippines’ most popular songs for DOTA is getting a sequel
  • It brings back rapper Aikee and Vanessa in the song as Vanessa as Aikee’s girlfriend asking the age old question: “DOTA o Ako?”
  • Netflix has recently has released DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on their platform and has gotten the duo to make a new song promoting the new series as well as revisiting the age old question that girlfriends of DOTA players alike have been asking this past decade.
  • When asked about the new ‘DOTA o Ako’ sequel, both Aikee and Vanessa were very eager to do it and were both happy of the outcome.
  • DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will be getting a handful of dubs as well as its own official Tagalog dub for Filipino fans.
Image Credit: Valve

There is no doubt that one of the most of the most popular video games in the world for the past 10 years is none other than DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), which started out as a Warcraft 3 Custom Map that would later define an entire generation of gaming, inspiring popular online megahits such as League of Legends and DOTA’s actual successor, simply called DOTA2, to become generation defining video games that would shape the gaming industry, gaming culture, esports, and popular culture at large. Like with anything that becomes a popular and a cultural phenomenon, DOTA has inspired other figures from the entertainment scene to make songs and videos based on either the game DOTA, or particularly, the culture and lifestyle of playing DOTA.

‘Dota o Ako?’ 10 years ago

Image Credit: Aikee and Vanessa

This brings two particular musicians; rapper Aikee and fellow singer, Vanessa Blanca who would make the song “DotA o Ako”, which tells a story of one young man’s dilemma of choosing which of the two he loves the most; his girlfriend Vanessa or his love for DOTA.

The original music video “DotA o Ako”, performed by rapper Aikee and singer Vanessa. Uploaded by channel jai14221

“Si GF, nagagalit pag nag dodota ka. Pero si Dota, hindi nagagalit pag nag GF Ka. Si DOTA, 20 pesos lang masaya na. Si GF, baka 200 pesos hindi pa masaya.”

One of the lines spoken by Aikee during the Intro of “DotA o Ako”

Dota o Ako’, 10 Years later

10 years after “DotA o Ako” has entertained a generation of Filipino gamers as well as their significant others, it would get an unexpected sequel, simply called “Dota AT Ako, DotA o Ako: 10 Years After” which continues the story of DOTA Player Aikee and his girlfriend Vanessa, where their relationship is heading to the next level as they get married. Vanessa, the bride to be, still asks the age old question to Aikee – “Ano ba gusto mo? DotA o Ako?”. Aikee does his best to answer Vanessa’s question while channeling the strength and fiery prowess of one of DotA’s heroes, Davion the Dragon Knight.

DOTA AT AKO: 10 Years After, performed by Aikee and Vanessa. Uploaded by Netflix Philippines

DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENT, dito ko nabuo ang mundo ko nang masilaw sa kagandahan mo
binibining natatangi, sa puso ko palagi, ako’y sayo sayo buong-buo walang kahati!

Ang aking labi, gusto nang dumampi, sa iyong pisngi, at sabay tayo na ngingiti
Sabik humalik at dumikit sa ‘yong red lips.
Habang naka-play ang Dragon’s Blood sa Netflix.

Ikaw ang kasagutan, sa bawat kalungkutan
Walang Iba, ikaw lang ang pinaghuhugatan
ng tapang at nakahanda kang ipaglalaban
Parang si Davion, handang maging dragon kung kinakailangan”

One of Aikee’s first verses in “DotA at Ako”

While the sequel retains its entertaining and catchy beat that entertained its viewers, Aikee also used references related to one of DotA’s heroes Davion, The Dragon Knight, as the song itself was used as a promotional vehicle for DotA: Dragon’s Blood, a Netflix Original Series based on DotA2 that tells a story about Davion who has to travel with an exiled princess while using the power of a dragon in order to stop a dangerous demon.

Aikee, the main singer in both “DotA o Ako” music videos had this to say, courtesy of an interview from GMANetwork.com

“Sobrang saya po ng puso ko dahil nabigyan ulit ng chance ang awiting tumatak sa tao isang dekada na ang nakalipas.”

Aikee, talking about how happy he was in releasing the sequel to “DotA o Ako” while working with Netflix Philippines in making it happen

Vanessa, who was also interviewed, showed excitement and positivity in working with Aikee years after they made “DotA o Ako”

“We’ve gotten so busy individually with our careers so it was definitely time to catch up and reminisce in a super memorable and major way!

So when I got the call to do a remake I immediately canceled my schedule and confirmed! I knew I was gonna do it! I had to do it for sure! And especially ecstatic to do the sequel with Netflix because I am obsessed!”

Vanessa’s statements with working with Aikee 10 years since the original music video.

As mentioned before, “DotA at Ako: Dota o Ako 10 years after” is not only a sequel to “DotA o Ako” but is also a promotional material for DotA: Dragon’s Blood, which is available to watch on Netflix with the options of watching it in Japanese dub, in English dub, or as a treat to all Filipino DotA fans, in Tagalog dub, among other possible language options.

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