Apex Legends was leaked almost a year ago by an alleged Respawn Dev

Apex Legends was leaked almost a year ago by an alleged Respawn Dev

March 1, 2019 Off By syncdev

According to a Reddit post, Apex Legends was leaked in r/titanfall but was met with pessimistic comments. It was also leaked in /v/.

The reddit post features an old render of the Apex Legends map which is still quite similar to the version we have now.

ThaiMylace22 points·11 months ago

I really hope this doesn’t happen

16 points·11 months ago
They better not add battle royale in the next game

1 point·11 months ago
couldnt care less about br mode games sorry. its literally the two modes i liked the least from cod combined ffa and s&d

While some have doubted the legitimacy of the game.

1 point·11 months ago2

1 point·11 months ago
Doubt it… maybe for that weird ‘Titanfall Online’ they’ve got in (korea? Japan?)

This guy thinks it’s fake because of…..the “dinosaurs” we now see in the game which by the way, seems like they do not get damaged by the ring.

-1 points·11 months ago
fake https://imgur.com/a/lbGYI

Others expressed interest.

5 points·11 months ago
Honestly I think the battle royal games out there now suck, but I would play the fuck out if this (if it’s real).

1 point·11 months ago
I will play this, gotta find all your kit first

/v/ Leak

The Reddit post was mostly dismissed by the community judging from the amount of comments however the original, one which was posted on /v/ was actually met with more reaction with people being curious on the specifics of the game.

Reddit sleuths assumed the one who leaked on /v/ was actually a Respawn employee testing the waters with the community reaction since he said “our maps”. This also lead people to believe that more maps will be coming to the game.

Image of the leaked map on /v/

The leaked map looks almost identical to the original save for a few changes. The one used now is obviously more simplified.

And since the community did not receive the new BR game with more enthusiasm and some users dismissing the idea, Redditors assumed this is the reason why Respawn did not announce nor market the game.

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