A Facebook Messenger Bug is Causing the First Letter of the Message to be Moved to the End

April 11, 2019 Off By syncdev

This issue has just recently came up and it seems like I’m not the only one either. From what we’ve gathered, this issue has only started popping up a few hours ago.

If you message someone on Facebook Messenger, the first letter of your message will be at the end causing mild annoyance. It doesn’t happen on every message you send however. Sometimes it works properly.

Credit: ftrach

It also causes the “backspace” to cause issues. Once the message has been inverted, if you press backspace, it jumps all the way to the beginning of the message.

In this post, a user also adds that it does not happen in ww.messenger.com. It also does not affect mobile users.

It doesn’t seem to be an operating system or browser issue either because Mac as well as Linux users and other browsers also have this problem.

There are other bugs as well reported by cepheids in Tenforums. He also stated that this issue is already known by Facebook and might possibly get a fix soon.

It probably has nothing to do with Windows. I encountered this problem at work about 13 hours ago, and it was an Ubuntu.

I also noticed it doing other weird things. If you type quickly, then select your text by pressing Ctrl-A, your text might get unselected and duplicated.

Spoke to a friend who works on Facebook, it has been reported internally. Hopefully, they fix it soon. Chat is unusable with this bug.

We’re not sure if every user on Facebook is affected either but there are quite a handful complaining about it. Do you have this issue as well? What browser and operating system do you use?

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