You can play Pokemon: Let’s Go on PC using Yuzu Emulator

You can play Pokemon: Let’s Go on PC using Yuzu Emulator

November 27, 2018 Off By syncdev

Pokemon: Let’s Go has been the latest craze for the past week ever since it’s release. Even on Twitch, streamers has been on its latest craze with non-Pokemon streamers streaming the game. However, not everyone can play the game as it’s only exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. We also aren’t sure whether Nintendo even plans to release it for PC but judging from the past, it will most likely not get an official PC release at all.

Luckily, PC has emulators that let’s gamers play their favorite franchise exclusive for PC. Enter Yuzu emulator.

As you can see, the game does run but it’s not without its faults like every emulator out there. The most obvious fact would be the text. It’s just blocks and the audio can needs some fixing.

Adding the fact that this is also runs on PC with monster specs. An i7-7700K coupled with a GTX 1080 so it might take awhile before it gets optimized further. But just by looking at the video, they’ve made tremendous progress already.

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