Twitch Streamer InvaderVie Shames Viewers who can’t Donate and Support her Stream, calling them “Irresponsible”

Twitch Streamer InvaderVie Shames Viewers who can’t Donate and Support her Stream, calling them “Irresponsible”

May 13, 2020 Off By JJ
  • Canada based Twitch Streamer InvaderVie shames viewers who can’t sub to support her channel
  • “It doesn’t matter how broke you are. If you have time to watch Twitch, you have $10. If you don’t have $10, you probably don’t have time to watch Twitch, because you should be working, you should be trying to earn money.” – InvaderVie
  • Other streamers such as xQc slams and shames InvaderVie for such comments
  • After making comments that shamed her viewers, she lost 87,000 followers
InvaderVie Could Not Seem More Entitled & Out of Touch

A 29 year old twitch streamer and part-time Voice actress going by the online name InvaderVie is currently facing online backlash after shaming viewers who are too poor to provide any subs or donations to her channel, while suggesting anyone who do not have $5 or $10 Dollars to spend are “irresponsible”.

thighranosaurus rex (@InvaderVie) | Twitter

In an April 14, 2020 Twitch broadcast, InvaderVie was asking her viewers to support her channel by paying the subscription fee of $4.99 a month. However, when one of her viewers told her that he is too poor to sub, she started to make a statement that is seen in the video clip provided.

Video clip from Mupple

As seen in the video clip above, she made the following statement

A Sub is 5 Dollars. At Maximum, depending on what your currency is, maybe 10 Dollars. It doesn’t matter how broke you are. If you have time to watch Twitch, you have 10 Dollars. If you don’t have 10 dollars, you probably don’t have time to watch twitch because you should be working. You should be working. You should be trying to earn money. Being like “I’m broke, i can’t afford to sub”, that doesn’t really track. What you mean to say is that I’m so irresponsible with my money, i can’t support the entertainment that i enjoy.

InvaderVie’s statement during her April 14, 2020 Twitch Stream

Upon making those comments shaming viewers who are unable to support her channel due to financial troubles and calling such viewers “irresponsible”, she faced criticism from content creators and other streamers who started to make videos criticising her actions

Video Credits: ItsAGundam
Popular youtuber Philip DeFranco reacts to InvaderVie’s shaming of viewers

Streamer xQc heavily criticizes Invadervie while giving his own statements regarding twitch subscriptions

xQc Reveals how Shroud Earned Millions But Lost Viewers with his ...

“Its F**king Brain dead. “I know we’re not allowed to talk sh*t on other [Twitch] partners, it’s a f**king zero-head, brain-dead f**king take, is what it is.”

“If you have a certain number of viewers and nobody subscribes, maybe make a better environment then – a better stream then… better rewards – do something! It’s not because people are forgetful or greedy, it’s because your stream f**king sucks balls!”

xQc’s opinion regarding Invadervie

Popular League of Legends Streamer IwillDominate also offered his own thoughts regarding InvaderVie

“You what she means to say? She means to say. I don’t have any way to create WORTHWHILE CONTENT for people to enjoy because i haven’t trained any skill sets that i would like to demonstrate in front of my audience, so i would like you to give me money for free. That what she actually means to say guys. She means to say ‘As a streamer, there’s nothing that actually separates me from everyone else because i myself don’t have any talents or anything that makes me unique, so what i would rather do is to beg for money.”

IwillDominate slams InvaderVie

Its highly understandable why people would heavily strike back at Invadervie for her comments and shaming of viewers. The current global health crisis of COVID19 has made it very difficult for a lot of people to earn money or even find work given the current situation around the world.

Additionally, Invadervie’s shaming of viewers and perceived self entitlement may also be reminiscent of another female twitch streamer BadBunny who has displayed the same kind of attitude regarding subscriptions and viewers, where she demanded that her audience that they should subscribe so that she can continue streaming.

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