Twitch now has Karaoke and Squad Streams

Twitch now has Karaoke and Squad Streams

October 29, 2018 Off By syncdev

There have been really cool announcements in this year’s TwitchCon 2018. Two of which really took our attention and could really change the way Twitch and streaming in general work. Sings, a new karaoke game which relies on the community to work and Squad Streams which allows multiple streamers to be watched in one single window.

Sing your hearts out

Partnering with music developer Harmonix which was the team that created the popular musical game called Rock Band. Harmonix have been quiet for quite some time now and it seems like they’re coming back with a bang with Twitch in helping to shape how we enjoy streaming content — by adding more interaction from the viewers. Musically talented streamers will indeed benefit in a big way by allowing them to utilize their talents such as singing to expand their audience.

This unique feature will allow your favorite streamers to do a live karaoke stream in participation with their live audience. However, it seems like the songs here are only non-licensed music so we probably won’t see any popular music on the platform anytime soon. But considering the fact that Twitch and streaming in general is getting mainstream with big artists such as Drake, T-Pain and Deadmau5 active members of the platform, we might eventually see their songs on the list in the future.

We don’t know yet whether Twitch will create a new category for Sings or this will be an entirely separate content altogether but we do know that you can sign up for the beta to find out for yourself. Click the link in the tweet below to be on of the beta testers of Sings.

We play together, we stream together

Another feature that was introduced in TwitchCon 2018 was Squad Streams. Although this is not an entirely unique feature as we’ve seen this in other websites already such as Multistream which already allows multiple streams to be seen in one window.

It is, however still a great addition to Twitch since it allows for easy collaboration between streamers.

Definitely #SquadGoals

As you’ve seen below, you can also maximize a certain stream window to focus on one specific streamer while the rest have a relatively smaller window which allows you to still see their point of view.

This feature will definitely help in eSports as well allowing viewers to change specific views to not miss any action.

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