TSM Academy wins an LCS playoff game with a Sona-Taric composition

April 3, 2019 Off By Alecsanndra Gonzales

When the Ardent Censer meta was popular, many were spamming this item every single game, even in competitions. Because of Riot bombing it with nerfs, players lost interest on focusing their playstyle around the item. However, TSM Academy’s bot lane duo found a unique way to play just like when the Ardent meta was around.

TSM Academy duo bot laners Erik “Treatz” Wessen and Edward “Tactical” Ra came up with a unique type of duo composition. The surprising thing is that they used two support champions, giving off their chance to have an ADC. Despite having a unique duo bot lane, they managed to secure a win versus Echo Fox in the LCS Academy Playoffs.

Why it worked

It’s very obvious that they will lose in the laning phase especially in the first 20 minutes but as the game progresses, the whole squad is hard to beat on teamfights because of the immense sustain. Imagine Taric’s [R] will make the whole team invulnerable to damage while Sona is spamming heal and shields with an effect of Ardent Censer.

No one on the duo actually built Ardent Censer. Sona purchased Hextech GLP-800 and a Lich Bane while Taric refused building Ardent after purchasing Redemption.

Should you try this in Solo Queue?

However, playing this on solo queue is not a good idea, TSM had a well-practiced team and they built their composition around this playstyle. Their strategy to survive the laning phase is to put all five members of the team on the same page. Besides, TSM’s top lane Jayce and mid lane Irelia are great damage contributors, a good compensation for the lack of DPS from bot lane.

To conclude, they did a troll pick. But it surprisingly worked, not to mention it was of the highest levels of the Academy play. The Ardent meta was so hated because of its boring play style, but this type of innovation was very interesting.

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