Streamer with a ‘God Complex’ thinks he’s better than everyone else gets backlash

Streamer with a ‘God Complex’ thinks he’s better than everyone else gets backlash

November 2, 2018 Off By GamePOW

The clip below might be cringey and awkward for you but for mmDust, it could possibly end his stream and speed running career.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“It’s kind of like low-key like god complex kind of thing, I don’t feel like many of my viewers should relate themselves to me… and this is like, kinda like, super weird…I do think of myself as better than…there’s no good way to say this but I think of myself as above the average person so I don’t feel like many people could relate to me.”[/perfectpullquote]

Who is mmDust?

Michael Duarte or more known as “mmDust” is a speedrunner who also happens to be a Twitch affiliate. He is known for speed running Resident Evil 7 because he currently holds the speed running world record for it.

The Incident

The incident occurred at one of TwitchCon’s panels that aims to help new streamers refine themselves and their brand.

The Professional Streaming Mindset: An Interactive Discussion

“An interactive panel led by industry vets, with the intent of getting you in the mindset of a successful streamer. This frank discussion pulls no punches when it comes to the subjects surrounding success as a content creator. Taking the idea of what it means to be a successful personality on Twitch to its core, this panel asks that you look within yourself to understand who you are, who your audience is, how you reach that audience, and what makes you unique.”

And in this panel, mmDust is one of the three speakers alongside Elspeth and Bikeman.

In the clip, you can see that someone is saying that she not only wants to relate to the streamer she is watching but also wants to have this kind of relationship with them because, she adds “I don’t want to talk to a f-king wall”. mmDust then responds in the worst possible way by saying that he does not want his viewers to relate to him because he thinks he’s “better” than the average person. Admitting that he has some kind of ‘low-key god complex’.

You can tell that he knew what he was getting into by the way he stumbled on his words even saying that “there’s no good way to say this” and then continuing his bold statement.

The clip was posted on Twitter and has been viewed over 6 million times even drawing big time YouTuber Pewdiepie to react to his clip.

He allegedly has said that he is not going to apologize for his words on Twitter and even going as far as to joke about them even more. He has since deleted those Tweets however.

“Weird that people think I beg for subs and donations (when i dont) or think that I dont realize streaming the way I do will hinder my stream when it comes to making money from it.

Also I didnt say “viewers” i said “the average person”, which is a lot more people” 

-Duarte’s deleted Tweet.

Apology on Twitter

He then apologized on Twitter with a Twitlonger. It’s indeed quite long but here’s an excerpt.

“Let me be clear: I DO NOT believe that my life is any more valuable or important than the life of another. I DO NOT expect or feel entitled to anything from life to be given to me over another person.

The whole “I believe that I’m better than the average person” thing is a mindset that I’ve acquired as a result of my personal lack of self discipline and motivation. I struggled with this for years. It wasn’t even until the last year that I had truly felt like I had conquered some of my insecurities. I did that by making myself believe that I was better. When it came to dieting, exercise, and my own personal obligations and responsibilities, I used the “I am better” mentality to push through. If I felt like skipping a workout or cheating on my diet, I would tell myself “The easy thing to do would be to skip (or cheat) but you’re better than that, so you won’t.”

I felt like this mindset was very healthy for me and I feel like most people who are successful at what they do must believe this as well. I attribute the most growth I’ve had as a person to living by that mindset and I wanted to share with the audience that putting everything you have into what you do is the best way to feel satisfied. I wanted to express that having a mindset where you are complacent with being average or with producing content that you don’t fully believe was made to the best of your abilities can kill passion and make you feel horrible.

What I was really saying was that I don’t WANT my viewers to relate to me because I am so far from where I want to be.”

God Complex Personality

As you all know with the internet, people will dig deeper into the picture to find more interesting things or possibe dirt on the person. Some people refuse to believe his apology adding that this just like Logan Paul’s apology about his suicide forest video.

People claim that he does indeed think he is better than others by showing his old panels which he has since changed.

mmdust old panels

mmDust’s old panels. He has changed them after the incident.

As you can see on the top right under “SUBS PERKS”, he does not want to spend time with any of his subs. The fact that it’s also in all caps, makes it even worse.

“You can use my emotes. 







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