Streamer Starts the #NoGiveawayChallenge in Live Streams

May 2, 2019 Off By GamePOW

Yasumeow started the #NoGiveawayChallenge in a follow up post to her video regarding giveaways.

Recently, Filipino streamer and YouTuber GLOCO has sparked a discussion on viewers sharing streams in Facebook groups unrelated to gaming. The post has caught the attention of another Filipino streamer named Bobo_De_CLoWn who wrote a response. From there, it has sparked a widespread discussion in the community.

The discussion also raises the claim that the Facebook live stream community is slowly becoming toxic for various reasons and one of which was giveaways.

Streamers like Yasumeow claimed that constant giveaways can have negative effects on the live stream, the streamer, the viewers and the community in general. You can watch her initial video below.

alam kong dadami haters ko pagkatapos nyo panoorin to regarding sa perya streamers pero pra ito sa community.

alam kong dadami haters ko pagkatapos nyo panoorin to regarding sa perya streamers pero pra ito sa community.

Posted by Yasumeow on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Vyminal, also raised this issue echoing some of Yasumeow’s points in a video while adding his own insights.

A message to the Facebook streaming communityMy thoughts on the current state of Facebook Gaming

Posted by Paco Santos on Thursday, April 25, 2019

Yasumeow then made a follow up post in relation to her video. In it, she addresses new points regarding the initial topic.

She also counters some points raised by the opposition. One of which was that: it’s the streamer’s own strategy, tactic, money, etc. Hence people should let the streamer be.

Yasumeow addresses this saying that it still affects other people.

‘You’re telling me “that’s their strat, tactic, it’s business related, it’s their money so let them be”… telling me, “just be creative on my “own”. I see those whose suffering, passive-aggressive getting bullied. It affects other streamers, starting streamers. It affects other people because of irresponsible sharing sa mga non-gaming related na mga groups.’

Another point raised that was not in her video was that giveaways are a creative strategy. She acknowledges that it was but it isn’t anymore since a lot of people do it.

‘Tingin nyo creative ang pag ggiveaway? It was. But since madami na gumagawa, hindi na. It’s not about it’s already the “norm”, it’s what everyone does these days, what’s creative on that? If you’re so good on the “game” itself, are you not confident? If you’re enjoying the game are you not satisfied with that? If it’s your “passion”, why is it you spend more time on giveaways than playing the actual game?’

Yasumeow also started the #NoGiveawayChallenge to see what happens if it has an effect to the community.

But do try #noGiveawayChallenge
may ibang ndi na kailangan ‘to kc even without GA, naka established na sila ng community and well known na, given na yun. How about the others? Try lang ūüėĀ

Yasumeow further clarifies previous points from her video and raises new ones. You can read her full post below:

If rude ka pa rin sa mga comments mo after reading this, meaning hindi mo inintindi at binasa ng maigi. Or simply, hindi…

Posted by Yasumeow on Wednesday, May 1, 2019
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