Sombra gets a legendary Demon Hunter skin for BlizzCon

Sombra gets a legendary Demon Hunter skin for BlizzCon

September 14, 2018 Off By syncdev

The official Overwatch Twitter announced earlier that you can acquire the legendary skin once you purchase a virtual ticket for BlizzCon.

Demon Hunter Sombra skin leaked

However, this has already been leaked even before the Twitter announcement as a Redditor saw the skin in-game when picking a skin.

BlizzCon is just around the corner

People usually do get a lot of goodies for BlizzCon. Last year, Overwatch characters got some pretty nifty mash-ups with various Blizzard characters from their other games. Immortal Orisa, Barbarian Zarya and my personal favorite, Nova Widowmaker. Now Sombra gets added to the list with her Demon Hunter skin.

You can purchase the virtual ticket for $49.99 and you will unlock her skin after purchasing. You can purchase a virtual ticket here.

As for players who don’t plan to purchase the virtual ticket, rest easy as the Demon Hunter Sombra skin will be available for as a standalone purchase later on.

For those who can’t wait for BlizzCon, the virtual ticket also has a program that people can watch from September 12 till October 30.

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