Pokimane Emotionally Addressed FedMyster’s Removal from OfflineTV and Recounted Her Own Experiences with Him

Pokimane Emotionally Addressed FedMyster’s Removal from OfflineTV and Recounted Her Own Experiences with Him

June 30, 2020 Off By JJ
  • In a recent Just Chatting Livestream on Twitch, Pokimane spoke up about the recent removal of FedMyster from OfflineTV while recounting her own experiences with Fed himself
  • With that group’s permission, Pokimane also stated that another streaming group called “Just Friends” also had involvements with FedMyster.
  • Pokimane and OfflineTV tried to resolve the case with Fed in an intervention which ultimately led to his removal from OTV.
Youtube user Brimstone has uploaded a 30 plus minute video of Pokimane addressing the FedMyster situation

In a very recent and emotional Just Chatting livestream, Pokimane addressed the situation with FedMyster, OfflineTV, as well as recollecting her past experiences with Fed himself. In her statement, she addressed her own experiences with FedMyster, as well as sharing stories and experiences coming from other groups who have dealt with Fed himself.

Pokimane admits Fedmyster was “big reason” why she left Offline TV house |  Dexerto
Pokimane’s Point of View
  • A year or two ago, Pokimane felt a growing distance between her and the OfflineTV members. She states that Fed was someone she was growing closer to, “albeit with a very complicated dynamic” According to her, despite being supposedly close friends, Fed himself would not invite her to hang out with the other friends.
  • She also pointed out that a lot of people within the OfflineTV house were very close to Fed.
  • When Pokimane held a house party in the OfflineTV house, she invited a guy that she was really interested at, in which Fed actually had issues with. According to Poki, Fed “stuck to the guy friend in the house party like glue all night”, which made Poki unable to hang out with the guy she invited.
  • According to the story Poki shared after the house party, the guy that Poki invited told her that Fed informed him that Poki and him were dating, when in reality that was never the case between Poki and Fed.
  • When Pokimane asked other guys if they have encountered Fed and his habit of claiming he and Pokimane were dating, according to Poki, those other guys did tell her that Fed would claim he and Pokimane were dating.
  • Pokimane confronted Fed about his habit of lying to people about a relationship between them and Fed admitted to her that he was wrong in doing it. (“Fed admitted and he f**** up”)
  • According to Poki, after she and Fed would have arguments and Fed became unhappy or lost said arguments, Fed would simply ignore her presence while hanging out with other people within the OfflineTV house and even outside of it.
  • Fed would also push through narratives that would antagonize Pokimane which would also help some people distance themselves from her.
  • Poki also addresses that her growing resentment towards Fed was a source of her feeling more distant towards everyone in the OfflineTV house, which would eventually lead to her moving out from the house itself.
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Just Friends, photo via from the Just Friends Twitter
The Just Friends group and FedMyster, as told by Pokimane

Aside from Poki recounting some of her past experiences with Fed, she also acknowledged a certain group of streamers called “Just Friends” who wanted to share some experiences with Fed with Poki talking over it in her statement.

  • Fed would come over the Just Friends house every time there were tense situations within the OfflineTV house.
  • According to what Poki shared, Fed would “just be in their rooms, never knocking, just there”. The people in the Just Friends house would then came to accept Fed’s habits as “Just Fed Things”
  • While Fed was staying over in the Just Friends house, he would always imply that things were tense between himself and Pokimane. He would also push through narratives that would make Fed the sympathetic figure while antagonising Poki.
  • When the Yvonnie incident happened, and when Just Friends did not know of it, Fed would also push through a story to them that Yvonnie was taking up a content creator spot in OfflineTV, while telling everyone that Yvonnie was lazy and was doing nothing for OfflineTV. Fed talked to the people of Just Friends about how he wanted Yvonnie out of the OTV house.
  • According to Just Friends, Fed would also talk badly of any girls that were distancing themselves from him in order to ruin their reputations.

As she returned to talking over her own points of view regarding the situation, she also mentioned that her growing resentment towards Fed, having to co-exist with him as fellow OfflineTV creators was a large factor on why she moved out of the OfflineTV house, asides from whatever factors she has previously mentioned when she addressed it (better Work-Life Balance, wanting to live with her girl friends). But as she admitted in her statement, Fed was still a large influence on why she moved out of the OfflineTV house.

As Pokimane continued with her statement, with her talking about how she gathered up her friends in order to open up with her situation with FedMyster and eventually telling everyone in OfflineTV to hold an intervention with Fed, she then retold some stories that some of the girls she talked to about their own “Fed stories”.

Fed removed from OfflineTV after sexual harassment accusations - Inven  Global
Pokimane, FedMyster, Yvonnie, Micheal Reeves, Lilypichu, and Yassuo (upper left)

Pokimane, OfflineTV, and their Intervention with FedMyster and Fed’s actions towards other girls

  • There are multiple cases of Fedmyster trying to make advances towards other girls especially those from the streaming scene. If the girl showed any disinterest towards Fed, Fed himself would talk badly of the girl when he talked to anyone in OfflineTV, or to anyone else Fed hanged out with.
  • Fedmyster’s attitude towards being rejected by any of the girls is seen as very problematic – by talking badly of them and pushing through certain narratives that favoured him, it damages the girls’ reputations and their careers as content creators or anything related to the scene.
  • Because of Fed’s association with OfflineTV, being a member until his removal in July 27, 2020, many girls were afraid that OfflineTV would hate them for rejecting him.
  • DisguisedToast (aka Toast) was one of the few OfflineTV members who knew about the situation between Fed and Yvonne and tried to talk to him about it. According to what was shared, Fed angrily talked back at Toast and denied the incident, Fed simply stating he does not remember any of it.
  • According to Poki during a serious group talk with OfflineTV members, Fed would tell everyone that Yvonnie contributed nothing to OfflineTV to the point that OTV themselves went as far as almost removing Yvonnie herself from the house because they all thought that Yvonnie was disinterested in working with OTV. In reality, Yvonnie’s behaviour and her focus with playing League of Legends all day was because of the incident between her and Fed.
  • Pokimane also recounted how Fed would complain to her about LilyPichu and Micheal. Lily and Micheal would hang out a lot while avoiding him. At the time this happened, Pokimane did not know about the situation between Fed and Lily, where Fed made advances towards Lily when she was in a very vulnerable state after her breakup with Albert.
  • In OfflineTV’s Intervention with FedMyster, according to Poki’s side of the story, Fed himself was cooperative and humble about his attitude towards everything and was willing to change. However, as Poki mentioned later, Fed would show no changes to his attitude despite the intervention.

Pokimane finished up her statement by addressing how the people are minimising Fed’s behaviour as a product of getting drunk as well as blaming Yvonnie and Lily for not being able to stand up for themselves during their encounters with Fed (“freezing up and not saying no”, as Poki mentioned). Poki states that she’s worried that there are too many people who will do whatever they can to support Fedmyster in coming back strong despite the accusations of sexual misconduct against Yvonnie and LilyPichu.

Pokimane’s closing statement

I see a lot of people excusing Fed’s behaviour by blaming alcohol, or by blaming Yvonne and Lily for freezing up and not saying no. It makes me really worried that with people minimising his behaviour plus DIE HARD FANS that are seemingly ready to support him at any moment, I can just imagine him coming back within two months, saying that he’s been sober for a few weeks and thinking that he’s a different or changed person.

We want to be there for him on his road to recovery, and we really support him seeking professional help, and I’m really glad that he is. But we also need him to understand that he really does have some deep rooted issues that aren’t just solved by not drinking.

I just want to say that there’s obviously a part within me that still cares about Fed, and I feel really bad seeing him hearing me talk like this, thinking of people that are s**t talking him because of what i feel forced to share today. I wanna apologize to him for that. I want him to be okay. We all want him to be okay.

And please, don’t harass him, don’t harass anyone as it doesn’t help the situation. We are trying to help you guys be educated and understanding as viewers on how to handle the situation, and at the very least, not attack Yvonne and Lily

If you are upset about us sharing these things publicly, understand that we couldn’t just enable his behaviour anymore, that we tried to address it but we saw no change, this was an incredibly difficult decision that we have come to, probably the most difficult decision we have ever made, it was not our first resort by any means and initially Yvonne was not going to come out with this statement at all

Pokimane’s closing statement on the Fedmyster’s situation and sexual misconduct. She pleads to everyone despite Fed’s actions to not attack him or any of Fed’s victims as well as pointing out the Fed’s removal from OfflineTV was a very difficult decision for them to make

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