Nimo TV ceases all operations in the Philippines, Nimo TV streamers claim of unpaid salaries

Nimo TV ceases all operations in the Philippines, Nimo TV streamers claim of unpaid salaries

August 31, 2019 Off By GamePOW

In a recent announcement by Nimo TV Philippines, all operations of the company will cease in the Philippines effective immediately.

It's unfortunate but we are very grateful for all the support.

Posted by Nimo TV on Friday, August 30, 2019

Nimo TV was one of the streaming platforms that entered Philippines competing against Twitch and Facebook which is arguably the most popular streaming platform in the country since most Filipinos use it.

To capture the market in the Philippines, Nimo TV has hired Philippine-based streamers to stream on Nimo TV leaving their old platforms. Although despite the announcement made on their official Facebook account, the streamers have yet to be informed as to what is going on and what it means for them being one of Nimo TV’s streamers. There are claims of salaries being put on hold as one of the streamers for Nimo TV claims that she hasn’t even been contacted regarding the announcement and that her salary has been deducted.

Nimo TV claims that there were multiple and varying factors which have made operating locally an immense challenge during the past few months which then led to Nimo TV Philippines closing down. However, Nimo reassured that Nimo content will still be available in other languages such as English, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, among others. Nimo TV ends their letter by once again thanking their fans.

Claims of Unpaid Streamers

In the comment section of Nimo TV’s official announcement, one claims that he has been unpaid and that his salary was put on hold with no ‘logical or acceptable explanation’. He was then only advised to “keep streaming”.

Another person who is apparently part of the ‘ROS Streamers Brigade 2019’ claims that when he reached out for the payout, there was no reply.

Sudden Suspension

One streamer who is employed by a separate agency and is not directly hired by Nimo TV claims that her salary was deducted for no reason and that the “rules” were changed without warning which then led to her and a few others being suspended and not getting salary for that month.

According to her, talents were allegedly suspended for not using cameras, microphones on stream and airing their past streams. These rules allegedly led to a few streamers being suspended.

She also claims that she does not have a copy of her contract but it did not state anything about such rules. To her understanding of the contract, talents were to provide a “gaming stream”. She also claims that she was not informed of these new rules and that they were suddenly suspended without warning.

She tried contacting her agency as to why her salary was deducted for no reason but there were no responses and it was never resolved so she just shrugged it off.

We have reached out to Nimo TV for comments but they have not replied as of yet.

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