Kyedae Will Cook Filipino Dish Sisig And Leche Flan on Stream

Kyedae Will Cook Filipino Dish Sisig And Leche Flan on Stream

September 4, 2022 Off By GamePOW
  • Kyedae announced on her Facebook page that she plans to cook sisig and leche flan tomorrow on stream.

Kyedae is back at it again with another staple Filipino dish and this time she’s going to be cooking sisig and leche flan.

Sisig is a staple Filipino dish which originated from Pampanga and was invented by Lucia Cunanan or also known as Aling Lucig, the Sisig Queen. Now the dish is very popular across the country. Sisig can be cooked in a variety of ways. It can be cooked mainly with pork, chicken, squid, tuna and more.

Kyedae will also be cooking leche flan, a sweet dessert looks golden on top because of its soft caramel topping that covers it. It is also a popular dessert in country and one of the reasons for that is its shelf life. Many Filipinos leave it in the refrigerator to be eaten next time.

Kyedae even asked her Filipino fans if the recipe she will be using is good and asked tips from them.

Kyedae has been streaming cooking streams usually every Fridays and aptly naming it “Kyedae Fridays” and uploading it on her Youtube. She streams it along with TenZ, who is a professional VALORANT player for Sentinels and also her boyfriend. TenZ helps her out with her cooking and also tasting it with her. The duo gained popularity in the country not only because TenZ insane skills in VALORANT which is a popular game in the country, but also their admiration for Filipino culture especially its food.

Her adobo stream got quite a lot of attention and was well received from Filipinos themselves. Kyedae is quite popular in the Philippines that she was recently invited to be a guest in the recently concluded gaming convention CONQuest 2022.

She visited the country for CONQuest at SMX and was a guest there along with popular streamers from OfflineTV’s Lilypichu and Michael Reeves.

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