King Of The Hill Launches Overwatch PH Team and Their Sponsor: Bren Esports

King Of The Hill Launches Overwatch PH Team and Their Sponsor: Bren Esports

August 27, 2019 Off By Alecsanndra Gonzales

A launch party for the Philippine Champs!

Game Over Ph, launch party venue

The Recap

Bren Esports along with GeekFight! Trivia Night held a launch party last August 20, 2019 for the Overwatch Ph team for this year’s World Cup at the Game Over Respawn in QC. The event started at 8 pm with the introduction of the members that qualified for the Overwatch PH team along with their sponsor – Bren Esports. Afterward, the members sat on the hot seat as they were bombarded with questions in the Q&A portion.

After the Q&A portion, the team came back on the spotlight as they flaunt their team uniform before participating in the event’s trivia game held by the people from GeekFight! Trivia Night. The night then ended with good console game matches, good company, and good drinks.

The Q&A

The Q&A portion was filled with fun, personal, and intriguing questions from the media partners invited to the event.

Some of the questions asked to the members are serious and intriguing like the following:

Which country do you think will be the most exciting/challenging opponent?

“Basically, Singapore. Why? Because they’ve been really friendly also to us. We know a lot of their, we’re friends actually, with their team players.”

Fascinate, team leader

Another serious question was thrown to them about them losing or winning the tournament and Billy answered with:

Other countries have no expectations for us. So we have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Billy, team’s DPS

As the Q&A portion continued, the team was joined by their coach – Daks. Questions circling about the how’s and what’s related to the tournament were continually asked to them but in between those questions are some that surely made us laugh and given answers to be taken lightly such as:

Ano ang pagkain ng mga champion para gumaling mag-Overwatch? (What are the food of the champions to play better in Overwatch?

The team pointed at Billy to answer this question as they unanimously find him as the player who loves eating more than any of them and he replied with this:

“Mcdo, pizza, basta (anything) edible. Basta (anything) yummy.”

Billy, team’s DPS

This answer surely gave us a hint of how not fastidious the team PH is especially Billy when it comes to food and that food is not the secret why they are considered as champs when it comes to Overwatch.

Another fun question asked is: would you rather have a massage from Doomfist or make out with Widow[maker]?

The team has a unanimous answer and as Dats said it:

“We would like to be fisted. On the back, of course. Have a back massage from the brawniest man of all.

Dathan, team coach

After the question and answer portion, the team wore and flaunted their team jersey uniform with (Bren Esports) their sponsor’s logo.

GeekFight! Trivia Night

King of the Hill launch party trivia game

After revealing their team jersey, the night continued with a fun trivia game prepared by the people at GeekFight! Trivia Night.

Teams were formed (including our Overwatch World cup team PH players) and wittily answered questions on all categories: Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo, and Overwatch itself.

While some teams took the game seriously, others simply joined to have some fun time and give wrong yet awfully funny answers to questions that are too tricky.

The winning team got toy collectibles as prizes for the said game.

Fun Time

Team Ph’ Billy playing console games

The night wrapped up as the team along with the event’s attendees had fun playing console games, fun chats, and good drinks.

The party was launched to show support to the team. Only limited guests may have attended the party and showed their support to the team, but you can also show your support by following the team’s Facebook page: Team Philippines-Overwatch World Cup 2019 and their twitter account: Team Philippines Overwatch (@TeamPH_OW)


Team Philippines – Overwatch World Cup 2019 Launch Party

Thank you Team Philippines – Overwatch World Cup 2019 for inviting us at Game Over PH for your event! We had a blast!

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