Keyboard especially made for Photoshop’s Toolbar is complete with icons

Keyboard especially made for Photoshop’s Toolbar is complete with icons

April 17, 2020 Off By syncdev
  • 3dDecors has made a keyboard especially made for Photoshop
  • It is complete with Photoshop icons and is customizable.
  • It retails for around $100 or $90 without the custom silk-screened Photoshop keycaps.

Having to work really fast is a big boost to productivity since being able to finish fast means you can do more. Hence, memorizing the program’s keyboard shortcuts is essential to becoming an expert to a certain digital craft. One of which is digital art. Photoshop has become a household name when it comes to digital art and photo manipulation to the point that the term “photoshopped” is used to mean a photo being altered or edited.

Of course, there’s a handful of shortcut keys to Photoshop and it’s usually comprised of pressing at least two buttons on your keyboard. But how about if there’s a keyboard especially made for Photoshop. Pressing one button from such keyboard would let you make use of that certain tool immediately. This would essentially streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

Photo Courtesy: Etsy

3dDecors did just that. A keyboard especially made for Photoshop. It is comprised of 26 keys that provide fast access to Photoshop’s tools such as undo, redo, masking tools, selection tools and more. The keyboard can even manipulate the opacity of a layer with specially made knobs. It can also adjust the brush size. The keyboard has default functions but obviously, each person is different. You can change the buttons to your liking on what suits you best.

They keybaord costs $100 or only $90 if you opt out the custom silk-screend Photoshop keycaps. It is a plug-and-play device that can easily connect to your PC via USB.

If digital art is your forte and could afford to shell out the money, it could speed up your work even more.

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