Everything we know about Garena PH closing down

Everything we know about Garena PH closing down

October 27, 2018 Off By GamePOW

For the past few days, there have been several rumors about Garena PH closing down. However there has been no official announcement from Garena as of yet. At first there was only one media outlet reporting on this but soon more and more have been reporting that Garena PH is indeed closing down.

After we posted the rumors about Garena PH closing down, we got bombarded by messages and questions. Ranging from what will happen to LoL in the Philippines to people worrying about their personal accounts.

We have gathered all the information that we can gather from various sources to tell you guys all that we know.

Please keep in mind that these information are not fully confirmed but so far these are what’s being reported.

My message to players is just be prepare for the worst.  On my opinion. Garena ph down fall is because of poor management. On my first 2 years in garena its all good. Sales, marketing etc. But after they changed the people who is handling these departments. That the time when the profit is going down.


What makes us think that Garena PH is closing?

Because there have been massive lay offs in a couple of weeks after Globe Conquerors Manila.

Who made this decision to close down Garena PH?

HQ. All offices are closing down except Vietnam.

Which department has been left in the Garena PH branch?

Only the finance team is left

Who will take over Garena PH?

Garena SG will be taking over in the operations of Garena PH

What about the servers?

The servers will still be in the Philippines but will be remotely accessed by HQ in Garena SG.

What about the games in Garena?

The games are too expensive to maintain. League is also dropping in sales.

What about Globe Conquerors Manila?

This event was supposed to help Garena PH stay afloat. Globe was the sponsor and they gave Garena 50 million to advertise and sponsor the games by Garena. However, this event wasn’t enough to save Garena PH.

So why is there no official announcement from Garena?

It’s so players won’t panic at the sudden closure of Garena PH. “For 5 years that im in that company. I dont see them that confident to handle customers/players.” The anonymous insider adds.

So will League of Legends be closing down?

The contract of Garena and Riot will be ending. The plan is that Riot will be the one managing League in Southeast Asia instead. There will still be League but it will be managed by Riot.

What about the player’s accounts?

There will be a migration of the player’s accounts so they will not lose their progress. The servers will be down for at least 13 days however.

Poor Management

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]For 5 years that im in that company. I dont see them that confident to handle customers/players.[/perfectpullquote]

When asked if the insider has any message for Garena players, the insider said to “prepare for the worst” he then adds that Garena PH’s downfall is because of poor management. When asked to elaborate, he continues by saying that at the beginning it was all good but after changing the people who handles the various departments like sales and marketing, he started seeing the profits going down.

We’d like to thank PHReviewTech for the very in-depth elaboration of the insider. PinoyGamer for adding more information. And DaGeeks for being the first to uncover this issue. You can check their own reports on the matter.

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