Esports Freedom Wall is now deleted

Esports Freedom Wall is now deleted

January 25, 2020 Off By GamePOW

When this came out, it had a massive growth as players, talents, streamers have all participated in the discussion that was anonymously posted in the now deleted Facebook page.

True or not, the posts usually gains a lot of attention. The topics posted on here varied from opinions about the industry, call outs, 1v1s, revelations, secrets, complaints, suggestions, etc. The admins however opted out names so as not to spawn a witch hunt. People have complained about the constant “toxicity” of the wall and that people don’t fact check the things being posted on it. Despite the complaints about the page being “toxic” it still had some positive posts as well. Some have praised hardworking talents and people from the industry who have continued to support its growth.

For some reason however, it is currently nowhere to be found. It can’t be searched either as no searches are found and if you go to the actual url, this comes up.

It is currently unknown whether it was deleted on purpose or banned by Facebook itself. Though it could be the latter as it could have been reported numerous times as well.

And since we do not know any of the admins or “admeans” is what they call themselves, we do not know the real reason of it being deleted.

The admins themselves are also anonymous.

If you know anything about the state of the wall or one of the admins of the page, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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