CONQuest Festival 2023’s Star Studded Lineup Rundown

CONQuest Festival 2023’s Star Studded Lineup Rundown

May 6, 2023 Off By JJ

Greetings fellow gamers, anime, music, and internet pop culture enthusiasts! CONQuest Festival is once again upon us in 2023. Powered and organized by AcadArena, this year’s CONQuest Festival is the perfect summer getaway trip to vibe and entertain yourselves during the current season’s sunny heat.

CONQuest Festival 2023 official promotional art

CONQuest Festival 2023 will be held at the SMX Convention Center and Conrad Hotel, and it starts this coming June 2 up to June 4. The perfect 3-day summer getaway for all gamers, anime fans, and internet pop culture enthusiasts!

Much like last year’s CONQuest Festival, the event often defined by its extremely star studded lineup of esteemed guests, often becoming one of the primary reasons attendees want to be part of the overall experience. In order to help you be even more excited as being part of 2023’s CONQuest, we are proud to present you a rundown of CONQuest 2023’s esteemed guests!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Kyedae, who was part of last year’s CONQuest Festival, has recently announced that she will not be attending this year due to her health issues. We are offering our prayers for Kyedae’s recovery.

Wave 1 and 2 Guests
Wave 3 and Extra Guests

As seen in the official promotional material from ACADArena, CONQuest 2023 is featuring many new faces as well as returning guests from 2022’s CONquest festival. If you need a refresher on those returning guests, you can read about them here.

(Returning guests include – Anne Yatco, Ratana, LilyPichu, Michael Reeves, Atsu, Bao the Whale, Charess, Aeonix, Maggiekarp, Razzie Binx, HungHang Flashbacks, Tuonto, Sskait)

Our rundown will be featuring the new faces arriving to CONQuest 2023 in order for you to know them better.

CONQUEST 2023 Guest Rundown

Valkyrae (Rachell Hofstetter)
  • Youtube – Valkyrae – YouTube
  • Content Creator and Co-Owner of 100 Thieves
  • Former Twitch streamer, now streaming exclusively on Youtube
  • She is American with Filipino and German Descent, having an American-German father and a Filipino mother.
  • Known for being highly energetic during streams.
  • Accidentally leaked her part as one of CONquest 2023’s esteemed guests.

Valkyrae is an American streamer who made name for herself streaming games such as Fortnite and Among Us. She started streaming on Twitch in 2015 but it was in 2018 where she made a name for herself streaming Fortnite. In the same year, she joined 100 Thieves as their first female Content creator and her popularity would later rise. In 2020, she would leave Twitch in order to sign an exclusive contract with Youtube and her popularity would later grow by streaming Among Us. She would later win awards such as The Game Awards “Content Creator of the Year”, as well as Best Live streamer from Streamy Award. She became the Co-Owner of 100 Thieves on April 7, 2021, and is currently maintaining that position with the org as of this posting.

The Rose

The Rose is a South Korean Indie Rock Band under music company Windfall. Their members are – Kim Woo-sung (vocalist and lead guitarist), Park Do-joon (keyboard), Lee Ha-joon (drummer), and Lee Jae-hyeong (bassist). The band debuted on 2017 with their hit single “Sorry”. They have announced their latest album Heal, which will be released on September 15, 2023.

James Reid
  • Singer, Songwriter, actor, dancer, record producer, record executive
  • Was a contestant in 2010’s Pinoy Big Brother – Teen Clash, which he won. He was 17 years old at that time.
  • Starred in the 2014 Filipino Romantic Comedy Diary ng Panget along side Nadine Lustre.
  • Known for his 4-year relationship with Nadine Lustre in 2016, which he states that he is still “very good friends” with her after their breakup in 2020.
  • Will be performing in CONQuest 2023 Band Night – June 3

James Reid is an Austrailian-Filipino singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer who made his public debut as a contestant in 2010’s Pinoy Big Brother – Teen Clash edition in which he won, despite having two cases of evictions from the house due to health issues. He would later start his musical career in 2011, a year after winning Pinoy Big Brother. 2014 would mark his growth into the Filipino mainstream by starring in the romantic comedy movie “Diary ng Panget” opposite Nadine Lustre, where he would play the role of Cross, an egoistic young man who Eya (Nadine Lustre) was working for. His role and on-screen pairing with Nadine Lustre from the movie skyrocketed his popularity in mainstream Filipino media.

Fuslie (Leslie Ann Fu)
  • Youtube: fuslie – YouTube
  • Facebook: Fuslie (
  • She and Box-Box (Albert Zheng) held a “Streamer Bootcamp” in 2018 which was a training event aimed at helping and improving up-and-coming streamers.
  • Wants people to make sure her name is properly pronounced as stated in her “About me” entries.
  • Currently under 100 Thieves alongside fellow Youtube streamer Valkyrae.

Fuslie (pronounced Fooz-Lee) is an American streamer who started streaming in Twitch after her roommates introduced to her said activity. She started her streaming career playing and streaming League of Legends before branching out to variety-based content. She was also a former content creator for League of Legends orgs such as Immortals and Phoenix1. She currently streams exclusively for YouTube after signing an exclusive deal with the platform, which she announced on September 6, 2022.


AntonyChenn is an American youtuber who streams a variety of games such as Valorant, Genshin Impact, and now Hoyoverse’s latest release in Honkai Star Rail. He started out his internet content creator career as a TikTok star, where he uploaded comedic anime inspired skits that helped him gather more than 2.7 million followers on the platform.

  • Youtube – Sykkuno – YouTube
  • Twitch – Sykkuno – Twitch
  • Friends with OfflineTV’s talent such as Lilypichu, and has collaborated with OfflineTV on numerous occasions.
  • Was handpicked by Riot Games to co-stream League of Legends 2022’s World Championship Grand finals.
  • According to sources, he did not have a webcam until 2020.
  • As of this posting, his real name is still not yet revealed, as he chooses to keep it private.

Sykkuno begin his content creator career in 2011 where he posted commentated League of Legends videos under his old channel “Sykku”. He would later create the “Sykkuno” channel where it would later become his primary YouTube channel where he posts his livestream highlights. He later branched out to variety gaming content where he played and streamed other games such as Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) and Among Us. In late 2022, he was handpicked by Riot Games to co-stream the T1 vs DRX League of Legends World Finals. He also earned a nomination for a “Streamer of the Year” award in 2022.

Newt (Newton Nguyen)

Newton Nguyen or Newt is a 23 year old Vietnamese American TikTok star who primarily makes cooking videos on several social media platforms. He started his content creator career on twitter where he posted cooking videos and food reviews. He would later post on TikTok where he grew his audience. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts vlogs and life experiences. He is also an entrepreneur, having his own brand of hot sauce, Newtie’s Hot Sauce, that he sells online.

Ariasaki (Angela Don)

Ariasaki is a Canadian-Vietnamese streamer, cosplayer, and cook who started her career on Twitch, where she streamed League of Legends and made cosplays of the game’s characters. She became friends with streamers LilyPichu, Uguubear, and JummyChu which gave her opportunities within the League of Legends scene such as joining CLG’s team house as the chef in early 2015, where Scarra also lived at the time. Her popularity would later increase in 2018 where she streamed within OfflineTV’s house with her friends. As for her stream activities, she plays a variety of games as well as doing cooking streams.

iGumDrop (Jaime Tan)

iGumDrop is a Malaysian-American Twitch Streamer who currently plays a variety of games. On March 11, 2014, she created her Twitch account and started streaming after watching Pokimane’s stream. She originally streamed League of Legends and through streaming, she made friends with other streamers such as Kimi and EnLuna. On July 12, 2020 she launched her clothing line EBIKO.

Khoi Dao

Khoi Dao is a Californian based American voice actor working for FUNimation Entertainment, Bang Zoom! Entertainment and Studio Nano. Aside from Genshin Impact’s Albedo, he has done English dubs for characters such as Tetsuya Kuroko (Kuroko no Basket), Keichii Maebara (Higurashi: When they Cry), Murata (Demon Slayer), and Cancer Cell (Cells at Work).

Laura Stahl

Laura Stahl is an American voice actress and voice director known for her work on English Anime and Video Game dubs. Her voice work covers the likes of Genshin Impact’s Barbara and Xinyan, as well as Ramlethal Valentine (Guilty Gear Strive), Nana (Soul Hackers 2), Wangari (Little Witch Academia), and Alear (Female – Fire Emblem Engage).

Vanille Velasquez

Born and raised in the Philippines, Vanille Velasquez has dreamed of being a part of the anime and video game voice acting industry since she was 10 years old. At 17 years old, she was part of Hero TV’s Dubbing Academy, a workshop that helped shaped future voice actors and actresses which she earned a first runner up position. She would later start her career providing the Tagalog voice dub of Lana and Lisa in The Loud House, which was her biggest role at the time. As of today, she is the current voice actress for Riot Games’ characters Neon (Valorant), and Zeri (League of Legends). Vanille believes that properly executed Filipino Representation in video games should be a thing.

Sean Chiplock
  • Voice actor of Genshin Impact’s Diluc (English Dub)
  • Twitch –
  • Also known for voicing Ky Kiske (Guilty Gear Strive), Noob Saibot (Mortal Kombat 11), Diabel (Sword Art Online)
  • Known for his deep voice.

Sean Chiplock is an American voice actor and streamer who started his career during the early 2000s where he provided voice work for various web series and videos. He officially entered the anime English dubbing industry in the 2010s and has provided voice work for many characters such as Kyotaka Ishimaru from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Subari Natsuki from Re:Zero, and Guido Mista from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind. His video game voice acting work also consists of Ky Kiske in Guilty Gear Strive, Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat 11, and Zenki from Fairy Fencer F, which he states that Zenki is his favourite role.

Cory Yee
  • Twitter –
  • Gorou’s English Voice Actor
  • Aside from Gorou, he has also voiced Genshin NPCs such as Huffman and Druff as well as Elite Monster Abyss Lector.
  • He is the voice actor for Akito in Ghostwire Tokyo
  • His latest video game voice role is Liu Bei in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Cory Yee is a California based American voice actor currently staying in Los Angeles. Movies such as the original Star Wars Trilogy helped inspire him to pursue a career in film making. Aside from Genshin Impact, he has also provided voice work for games such as SMITE, where he voiced the alternate skin versions of the game’s Gods (Player Characters) such as Spell Chanter Apollo, Oni Guardian Ares, and Iroh (from SMITE’s collaboration with Avatar: The Last Airbender, replacing the late Mako).

Seapeekay (Callum “Kal” Knight)

Seapeekay is a UK based Minecraft youtuber who performs challenge runs such as One Life SMP, Harmony Hallow SMP, Survive the Night SMP, and many other Minecraft challenge runs. He joined Youtube on October 30, 2012. He started his YouTube career playing horror games but later found that his Minecraft videos were performing better in terms of viewership. He would later remove most of his previous videos on horror games in order to give focus on Minecraft.

Pokimane (Imane Anys)

Pokimane is a Canadian-Moroccan streamer who made a name for herself streaming on Twitch where she broadcasted League of Legends and later Fortnite, before venturing to a more variety-based style of content. She started streaming on Twitch in 2013 where she was using a 250 USD Computer after reaching Platinum Rank in League of Legends. Pokimane was also one of the few well known Diamond ranked (Diamond 1 peak) female streamers at the time. As she focused on streaming, she became one of the fastest rising Twitch streamers in terms of viewership and follower count. In 2018, she would focus on streaming Fortnite and was invited by Fortnite’s developers Epic Games to be part of an E3 Pro-Am showmatch where streamers and mainstream celebrities would be paired with each other to face other paired teams. She was paired with basketball player Josh Hart. Media outlets describe Pokimane’s demeanour as “laidback but enthusiastic”.

Shoto (Shxtou)

Shoto is a Vietnamese English Speaking Vtuber under contract with United Talent. He streams mainly a variety of games as well as Just Chatting sessions with his viewers which he calls his “Guildies”. He is known for his soft sounding and soothing voice.
Lore: “From the demonic capital comes a young boy who bears the weight of the world and one cold night is birthed the true bane of all demons.”


Spicyuuu is a Singaporean Twitch Streamer who streams Valorant. According to her Q&A video, where she asks questions from fans, she started streaming after she watched Valorant competitions, and she thought to herself she should really do it. She simply states that “I don’t know how and I don’t know why and now here we are” regarding her reasons why she became a streamer.

Ian Tsukimura of Hyper Potions

Hyper Potions is an American electronic dance music project founded by Ian Tsukimura and Kevin Villeco. They debuted on Monstercat with their debut hit Anime Bae on October 20, 2014. Hyper Potions allow Twitch streamers to use their music. Hyper Potions is under the network Screenwave Media. For CONQuest 2023, Ian will be performing during CONQuest Music Night on June 2.

Joey the Anime Man (Joey Bizinger)
  • Youtube –
  • Twitter –
  • Currently living in Japan with his girlfriend Akidearest.
  • Known for his very outspoken takes on anime related matters and is one of the most popular Anime related Youtubers because of it.
  • Part of the Trash Taste Podcast which he hosts alongside Gigguk and CDawgVA.
  • He also helps debunk some myths about Japan and interacting with Japanese people.
  • Has conducted a live interview with Redo of Healer’s writer Rui Tsukiyo.

Joey the Anime Man is an Austrailian-Japanese Youtuber, voice actor, podcaster, and songwriter who made a name for himself talking about anime-related topics. He also makes videos talking about Japanese culture as well as showcasing the more obscure things that can be seen in the country. He is known for his collaborative work with other Anime youtubers such as Lost Pause, Misty Chronexia, and CDawgVA. He has also collaborated with Pewdiepie.

Akidearest (Agnes Yulo Diego)
  • Youtube –
  • Currently dating Joey The Anime Man and is living in Japan.
  • Aside from her love of anime and manga, she is also known for liking hentai, which she is not ashamed of talking about.
  • Appeared as a guest Youtuber in REACT’s “Youtubers react to Top 10 Most disliked music videos of all time”

Akidearest is a Filipino-American Youtuber and cosplayer known for her work on anime related videos. She has an ongoing Youtube series called “Otaku Monthly Favorites” where she does reviews of anime and manga, while giving out some recommendations. She also performs anime parodies which she often portrays the evil and malicious antagonist.

  • Team Members – Sanford (EXP Lane), Kartlzy (Jungler), Sanji (Mid laner), BennyQt (Gold Lane), Jian (Gold Lane), YAWI (Roamer).
  • Defeated tournament favourites Blacklist International (M3 World Champions) 4-0 in an All-PH Grand Finals to win the MLBB M4 World championship.
  • ECHO PH’s victory over Blacklist International is described by media outlets as “unexpectedly one-sided”.

ECHO PH is a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team in the Philippines under AURA Esports. The team was formely known as AURA Philippines before rebranding into ECHO.

As of this posting, ECHO PH has already made Playoffs in MPL Season 11 where they will be facing the winner of RSG Slate PH vs ONIC.

Adam McArthur

Adam McArthur is an American Actor currently known for his performance as Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kasen. He is best known for his role as Marco Diaz in Star vs the Forces of Evil, Prince Lee Char in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as well as Ricky and Patrick from Shadows House. He is also a martial arts practitioner, specializing in Kung Fu.


Josh Seki is a Korean-American Valorant streamer currently under contract with Evil Geniuses. He befriended OfflineTV’s talent and their friends while playing Valorant.


demenishki (or deme) is a Filipino Vtuber who streams a variety of games including Valorant as well as art.


Byoru is a Vietnamese cosplayer, model, and artist, who does sexy and daring cosplays of various anime and video game characters. Her recent cosplay work involves characters from NIKKE: Goddess of Victory (pictured above – Rupee from NIKKE)

Yvonnie (Yvonnie Ng)

Yvonnie Ng is a Canadian-Vietnamese streamer who currently streams Riot Games’ titles such as League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Valorant. She played League of Legends often and through the game, she met friends such as StarSmitten (Celene Cheung). In 2017, she would later become Pokimane’s Personal Assistant as Celene’s suggestion. She joined OfflineTV in 2018 and has served as OTV’s Senior Marketing Manager and the House Manager ever since.

James Landino

James Landino is a musician who debuted on Monstercat with his remix of Tokyo Machine’s song “PLAY”, which was released on March 25, 2020. His primary music genre is Electro while using Trance and Bass as his secondary styles.

Kris Rey

KrisRey is a Filipina streamer who does mostly lifestyle and vlogs while also doing gaming streams, playing a variety of games. She also performs song covers which can be watched in her YouTube channel.


As one of the more recent announcements from CONQuest Festival, these talented cosplayers and GANK creators are also arriving to CONQuest Festival 2023.


NEW GAME+ is a cosplay team consisting of a group of friends. Alongside cosplay, they also do gaming content, fandom merch making, artwork commissions, and Dungeon and Dragons (D&D) Sessions.

Yana Cosplay

Yana is a Canadian Filipino-German cosplayer who also streams games such as Valorant and DOTA. According to her official Q&A, she started streaming mainly for fun so that she and her friends can watch their gameplay experiences together, but she would eventually learn that it would lead into something that would support her livelihood. She also states that much like her streaming career, she did not plan on becoming a cosplayer until she attended her first convention that led to her starting her own cosplay career.

Jin (behindinfinity)

Jin is a Filipino artist, photographer, and cosplayer who been featured in countless guest appearances both locally and internationally. She is an experienced cosplayer and crafter who has held countless workshops around the world where she shares her knowledge while helping others improve on the art of cosplay, photography, character make-up, wig styling, crafting, and prop making. She was part of the duo with AC where they represented the Philippines during World Cosplay Summit 2021 and won the Brother Award for Costume Making.

AWIE (Awie de Guzman)

AWIE (Awie de Guzman) is a cosplayer and makeup artist who started her career cosplaying the leading character Alita from ALITA: Battle Angel. She was asked by a client to cosplay Alita for the movie’s screenings. She admitted that it was a very challenging experience for her since at the time, she was still a shy girl who did not know how to do character poses.

Mira Rae Cosplay (MJ Ronquillo)

Nines (kuroharu9)

Gelo Grayson

Razgriz Props

Razgriz is known for his highly detailed and complex cosplay props which he uploads in his social media profiles.

Max Shoe

Maria Song Cosplay
Evil Overlord Gabo

Mitsuru Shouta
  • GANK:
  • Specializes in cosplaying young male characters such as Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Mika (Genshin Impact), Milio (League of Legends).
Yuri Nanami


And that is our CONQuest 2023 Esteemed Guests Rundown! I hope you have found this information useful as you prepare for your eventual Summer Getaway vibe. Remember that CONQuest Festival 2023 is at June 2 – 4, held at the SMX Convention Center and Conrad Hotel Manila.

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