Behind the Corrupted Star Guardian Skins

September 5, 2019 Off By GamePOW
The official LoL twitter, tweets about a clue of an upcoming skin release

League of Legends’ hit skins, Star Guardians has made its way in our hearts yet again. After many patches from the release of the latest group of Star Guardians – Ahri, Ezreal, Syndra, Miss Fortune, and Soraka, a unique designed Star Guardians are about to pay the rift a visit.

In the upcoming patch 9.18, Riot revealed the new set of Star Guardian skins. It includes Star Guardian Zoe, Xayah, Rakan and Neeko. Although, many of the summoners intend to question why Xayah, Rakan, and especially Zoe looked like that. Why? At the first released splash art of the Star Guardian skins of the stated champions, they were not the typical Star Guardian themed skin that we all are aware about. We all know how lively, bright and charismatic the Star Guardians are, and none of those characteristics are present in those three (3). Out of the new Star Guardian skins, Neeko boasts out its well known Star Guardian vibe.

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There are fragments of description- or somewhat a short story of what happened behind the corrupted Star Guardian skin within Zoe, Xayah, and Rakan. (click here)

To make things a little bit less confusing, Zoe is also part of the first Star Guardian group. Her known jolly actions were then consumed by darkness and chaos. After her newly found power of cosmic destruction and madness, she strived to hunt the Star Guardians. Hoping to destroy every Star Guardian generation.

Then came Miss Fortune’s team (unofficial but it can be figured once Star Guardian Xayah’s dialogue is heard in-game) where Neeko, Xayah, and Rakan faced their mission to take Zoe down. They failed. Neekohid and thought she was dead while Miss Fortune ran away. Xayah was destroyed alongside Rakan. Though they were resurrected and corrupted. Rakan had a plan – to purify Xayah’s corrupted heart, but it will cost him his life to surrender into evil forever.

Ever since the resurrection of Xayah and Rakan, their hatred grew to every Star Guardian; blaming the Star Guardians for their death, especially to Miss Fortune.

Though some of the lores are unofficial, it somehow connects the fact that Xayah and Rakan really grew hatred to their former allies. Their dialogues are now making much more sense. As of their skins, a hint of a Star Guardian themed can be seen when recalled or when a skill is cast.
Some summoners gave an idea that they should have a chroma of where they (Xayah and Rakan) were really a Star Guardian. But Riot disagrees.

“If we did commit to fixing all of these things so that they made sense for a light variant, we’d need to do entirely new visual and sound effects, new animations, new voice over, and new recalls,” Riot stated. “At that point, we would basically have to charge the price of a whole new skin, or to add these as a toggle they’d basically need to become ultimates because it would take the same amount of development time as a whole new skin would.”
In the end, Riot insisted that the lovebirds will maintain their dark, evil and corrupted characteristics meaning none of them will have the ‘light’ version of chroma.

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