Akosi Dogie criticized for his ONE KILL = HUBAD video

September 23, 2019 Off By GamePOW

Popular streamer Akosi Dogie was criticized by netizens including his fans for his “ONE KILL = HUBAD” video.

This type of video is popularized by Fortnite YouTubers where every time the Youtuber gets a kill, someone beside them (usually a pretty girl) will take off one piece of clothing. This will then motivated the YouTuber to get as many kills as they can to strip the person. However, the person usually wears a lot of clothing to prevent them from being in their underwear or the video usually ends before it happens.

Considering the popularity and clickbait potential of these types of videos, the video usually garners a ton of views. This type of video has gained popularity not just in Fortnite videos but also has spread in all types of games.

Akosi Dogie decided to also make this type of video with fellow gamer, artist and model Madam Angelique. Besides being a model, she also plays Mobile Legends.

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Akosi Dogie was heavily criticized in the comments for uploading the video reminding him of Chix ni Dogie who was a long time girlfriend of Akosi Dogie. Though the two broke up, they seemed to be still very close as they recently went to an event together where both their teams played against each other. The two are a popular couple in the Mobile Legends and Filipino stream community.

The community criticized Akosi Dogie that doing this type of video is insensitive to Chix.

Chix, however, has not said anything regarding this issue. Akosi Dogie and Madam Angelique also has stayed silent. The video is also still uploaded on Akosi Dogie’s Youtube channel.

Rumble Royale also uploaded a parody version of Akosi Dogie’s video with Papa B.

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